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There is something about the brilliant colors of August blooming zinnias that makes me both happy and sad.  The happy feeling comes from the fact that the zinnias are giving much-needed color to my garden….right before the mums and asters start to bloom.  The red, pink, orange and yellow colors of the zinnias make me smile at their bold and saucy display. However, a feeling of sadness persists under the surface, coming from the realization that summer, for me, is almost at an end and autumn is just around the corner.



Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is one of the most tranquil and beautiful places I have ever visited.  Every vista appears calm and orderly, from the farms which dot the landscape, to the many churches which are found everywhere from major highways to country roads.

Old churches frequently date from before the Revolutionary War. Buildings, graveyards and landscaping show painstaking care and maintenance.

An old weeping willow graces the church grounds.


A summer day on the front porch……….The early morning sun creeps across the lawn, flowers bloom profusely in their pots and a gentle friend keeps me company.

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Stone Cat guards the fishpond

I love relaxing with my cats in my backyard.  A warm and sunny Fourth of July provides the perfect setting for spending time with my feline friends.  They each have a favorite spot in the yard; Otis stretches out under the oak tree, Callie sits on the cushioned lawn chair and Alli secludes herself under the steps.  All three keep me company; we bask in the heat, listening to the burble of the fish pond and the occasional rustling of the tree branches when a gentle breeze passes by.  Once in a while one or another will approach me for a scratch behind the ears or a tummy rub.  Mostly, though, they sit or recline silently, seeming to enjoy, with me, the restful feeling of an early summer morning in July.