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The end of my flower garden-2011


Trees knocked down by strong winds occuring at the end Hurricane Irene.

Strong WInds


As Hurricane Irene works her way up the Eastern Seaboard, storm clouds herald her approach.





The Approaching Storm

The late-summer cricket chorus seems exceptionally loud at 6:21 a.m.   Are they chirping a sort-of last hurrah before the approaching hurricane?  A blanket of peace seems to hover over the land here in South Jersey during the early morning hours.  The sky is totally over-cast as a gentle rain begins to fall. It’s very hard to believe that a dangerous hurricane will be arriving in a matter of hours.  Yesterday I took pictures of my flower and vegetable gardens, to document what they looked like during August 2011, pre-Irene.  I’m hoping that come Monday, the gardens will still be standing.