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Today was the final day of the 2012 Philadelphia Flower Show.  I hadn’t planned on going, until a friend offered me two tickets that she was unable to use.  I jumped at the chance to attend and cajoled one of my sons into going with me.  After taking the Patco train into the city, we walked a few blocks to the Pennsylvania Convention Center and entered the show.  Both my son and I were glad that we had been given the tickets.  All the scenarios were breath-taking, from water-falls and water-gardens to the beautiful arrangements of varied tropical flowers.


Other settings were of herb gardens and locally-grown garden produce.





Today’s weather was beautiful, with crisp air and clear skies.  The hint of spring was in the air!

I love visiting large aquariums; whether in Baltimore, Chicago, Orlando, or most especially, Camden, New Jersey, which is only 30 minutes from my home.  Touching the silky skin of the baby manta rays and sand sharks, viewing the ethereal upward-floating motion of jellyfish, or viewing the restless prowling of large sharp species from the walk-through shark tunnel pulls me into the world of water.  Every facet of the aquarium draws me into a dreamscape, with my Piscean nature caught up in imagining how it would feel to be an aquarian creature.



The beautiful white blanket of snow covering South Jersey today allows the War Memorial and flags flying above it to stand out in bright relief.

War Memorial on Lincoln's Birthday

After waiting for what seems like an eternity, a real winter snowfall has finally graced South Jersey.  That it occurred on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday makes it all the more memorable.  A large flock of Canadian geese and some local ducks posed for their portraits at a pond close to my home and I had to commemorate the events with some pictures.

After 39 years of marriage, Steve and I finally went on our first cruise during Christmas week 2011.  My sister and her husband made up our party of four and we had a blast!  Sailing for four days and four nights; enjoying the beauty of the Caribbean onboard the Monarch of the Seas-Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.  From the friendly wait staff to the gorgeous sunsets, every part of the experience was memorable.  We are looking forward to going cruising again in the not-too-distant future!

Cruising to the Bahamas

The end of my flower garden-2011


Trees knocked down by strong winds occuring at the end Hurricane Irene.

Strong WInds


As Hurricane Irene works her way up the Eastern Seaboard, storm clouds herald her approach.





The Approaching Storm

The late-summer cricket chorus seems exceptionally loud at 6:21 a.m.   Are they chirping a sort-of last hurrah before the approaching hurricane?  A blanket of peace seems to hover over the land here in South Jersey during the early morning hours.  The sky is totally over-cast as a gentle rain begins to fall. It’s very hard to believe that a dangerous hurricane will be arriving in a matter of hours.  Yesterday I took pictures of my flower and vegetable gardens, to document what they looked like during August 2011, pre-Irene.  I’m hoping that come Monday, the gardens will still be standing.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is one of the most tranquil and beautiful places I have ever visited.  Every vista appears calm and orderly, from the farms which dot the landscape, to the many churches which are found everywhere from major highways to country roads.

Old churches frequently date from before the Revolutionary War. Buildings, graveyards and landscaping show painstaking care and maintenance.

An old weeping willow graces the church grounds.


Today I experienced my first earthquake. As I sat on my sofa…reading a book on (of all things) WordPress Photo Blogging, I started to shake back and forth….along with my sofa and the rest of the furniture in my family room. At first I had the irrational thought that my air-conditioner was getting ready to blow up! Then I thought that the air-compressor had turned on in the garage next to the family room. My third inclination was to get up and go outside. My son was sitting in his car and said….”Did you feel the earthquake? My car was shaking back and forth!” According to the news, the earthquake was centered NW of Richmond, VA and was 5.8 in magnitude. I have a whole new appreciation for all the people who have suffered through a devastating earthquake!