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Charles Dickens (February 7, 1812 – June 9, 1870) one of the world’s greatest authors, was also a cat lover!  Dickens’ most famous quote regarding cats was:

“What greater gift than the love of a cat?”

Here at cranmercat, we most heartedly agree with Mr. Dickens!


     No matter what kind of stressed-out day I’ve had, when I arrive home, my cats make me happy to be alive and to be sharing the day with them.  They usually twine themselves around my ankles, begging for immediate food and attention. If, after removing my coat, I  collapse into a chair,they jump up on my lap and kneed my legs with their paws, so that I feel like a surrogate mama cat.  The fact that I am important to them and their main focus enables me to enter the “moment” of just being; of connecting with a friend who is glad that I’ve come home.


In Praise of Pets

All Philadelphia Phillies Phans will be over-joyed to hear that Hunter Pence has finally signed a deal for the 2012 season.  $10.4 million plus award bonuses.  I am so happy because Pence really added a much-needed  spark to my hometown team. GO PHILLIES!!!

A summer day on the front porch……….The early morning sun creeps across the lawn, flowers bloom profusely in their pots and a gentle friend keeps me company.

Cat Lover’s Blog

Calico Cat strikes a pose

I’ve been trying to keep my three cats indoors today. The temps were above 100 degrees F..way too hot for furry friends. Its actually too hot for the non-furry variety, as well. I keep a dish of water on my porch for any neighborhood cats, out and about, that need some refreshment. Stay in the shade and stay cool!

Unbelievable Heat!

Wow!  The heavens really opened up yesterday afternoon and deluged South Jersey!  Rush-hour traffic at 4:oopm was a nightmare, with many roads flooded out or reduced to one passable lane. There were even tornado warnings in a few South Jersey counties bordering the Philadelphia region. By the time I reached home, I was ready to collapse.  As I turned on the kitchen light, I saw Otis streaking across the back yard to the sliding glass door.  He was the wettest I’d ever seen him, his coat soaking wet and plastered down.  I quickly opened the door and he rushed in and jumped up on his eating area. Thankfully, his wetness didn’t seem to affect his appetite.  After eating some chicken with cheese canned food, followed up by a large portion of dry food, he was happy and full!  Let the coat grooming begin!


Otis relaxing on the front porch

Today is exceptionally hot and humid.  Thunderstorms are forecast for later this evening and one hopes the air will clear.  As I drove up the driveway after work, Otis was sitting on the porch, impatiently waiting for dinner. He’s a large grey Tabby, very friendly (most of the time) and always hungry!  He knows I will feed him as soon as I set down my purse and packages.Then Otis and I will sit down to watch the Phillies!


Stone Cat guards the fishpond

I love relaxing with my cats in my backyard.  A warm and sunny Fourth of July provides the perfect setting for spending time with my feline friends.  They each have a favorite spot in the yard; Otis stretches out under the oak tree, Callie sits on the cushioned lawn chair and Alli secludes herself under the steps.  All three keep me company; we bask in the heat, listening to the burble of the fish pond and the occasional rustling of the tree branches when a gentle breeze passes by.  Once in a while one or another will approach me for a scratch behind the ears or a tummy rub.  Mostly, though, they sit or recline silently, seeming to enjoy, with me, the restful feeling of an early summer morning in July.