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Bleeding Hearts

English Ivy on the fence.


English Ivy

Old Pump Handle

Cherry Blossoms


There is something about a flowering cherry tree in full-bloom that lifts the heart.  For me, the flowering signals that the earth has survived another Winter and that Spring has finally arrived!

Today was the final day of the 2012 Philadelphia Flower Show.  I hadn’t planned on going, until a friend offered me two tickets that she was unable to use.  I jumped at the chance to attend and cajoled one of my sons into going with me.  After taking the Patco train into the city, we walked a few blocks to the Pennsylvania Convention Center and entered the show.  Both my son and I were glad that we had been given the tickets.  All the scenarios were breath-taking, from water-falls and water-gardens to the beautiful arrangements of varied tropical flowers.


Other settings were of herb gardens and locally-grown garden produce.





Today’s weather was beautiful, with crisp air and clear skies.  The hint of spring was in the air!

For me, nothing says “Warm weather is on the way” better than the smell of real, honest-to-goodness barbeque.  My friend’s husband recently opened a new barbeque place in Hopewell, New Jersey.  The eatery is located within a small group of shops called Dutch Neck Village. The restaurant, Sgt. Smokey’s Travelin’ Bar-B-Q, serves all kinds of barbeque, my favorite being the smoked beef brisket over a taco salad! You can eat in or take-out….it’s equally delicious either way!